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The opening of Nudgee Junior College in 1938 was the result of attempts to alleviate boarding accommodation shortages at Nudgee College. On the 10th of July, 1938, His Grace, Archbishop Duhig, formally blessed and opened the new NUDGEE JUNIOR COLLEGE. In the school's first year, 46 boarders and 6 day pupils were enrolled, under the first principal, Br. J.M. Wynne.

In 1939, World War Two broke out, resulting in the college being taken over by the U.S. Army. In early April 1942, Nudgee Junior was taken over by the U.S. Army Station Hospital - the 153rd. Approximately 160 personnel were stationed here. The base was under the command of Colonel Rice from General Macarthur's staff. The majority of the casualties were serious burn cases from the U.S.S. Sims and Neosho. During this period the college lost its first boat. The "Garry Owen" was cruising near the hospital when it burst into flames and sank. All aboard had to swim for the shore. The students meantime had been transferred to Mt. Tamborine, although very little was recorded during this time.

During the 50's much work was done around the college to improve buildings and accomodation. In 1951, the school suffered an outbreak of meningitis. Fortunately the epidemic passed without any loss of life. In 1955 the College suffered its first floods. 1959 saw the first Parents and Friends Association formed, with Dr. A. Inglis as its president.

In 1964, Years 1 and 2 were no longer offered, and by 1967, Year 3 was also dropped. Br. L. Reagan became principal in 1967 and set out to improve facilities and standards, particularly, the school library. During the 1974 floods much of the grounds were underwater, and the college housed many nearby residents for a time, without power or telephone. A fire destroyed a block of Year 7 classrooms in 1984, and this led to the opening of the present Year 7 classrooms and the spacious multipurpose hall, under the principalship of Br. P. Harney.

Further extensions took place in 1988, the Jubilee Year, with a further 4 classrooms completed which now house the Year 5 & 6 classes. In 1993, a further 2 classrooms were added to house the present Year 5 classes.

In 1994, a decision was taken by the Provincial Leadership Team of the Christian Brothers to re-locate the boarding to Nudgee Senior College. And so 1995 saw Nudgee Junior College become a day school of approximately 300 students, providing an excellent standard of education, which has always been the hallmark of our college. In 1998, the first school board was appointed and continues to give direction to the school community as it plans for the future development of the college.

In recent times, the school has undertaken a huge building and renovation project which has improved facilities. In 2007, a new swimming pool complex was opened and the old site demolished and taken over to gardens. A new classroom block was completed in 2009 to cater for the growing school population, which currently stands at 460 students. And in 2010, a new Learning Centre will be constructed to deliver upgraded library, learning, ICT and staff facilities.


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