Welcome to the Nudgee Junior College website. Nudgee Junior is a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition and it is a community where students and staff work and learn together. As a school with 74 years of history, we pride ourselves in providing a diverse curriculum that balances innovation with tradition. The educational environment at Nudgee Junior strives to challenge and inspire each boy to achieve their personal potential in academic, emotional, ethical, social and physical development.
Nudgee Junior has been described as boys’ heaven. In many ways it is a unique place which caters for lively boys who are intellectually curious, creative and keen to learn. In response to the contemporary needs of boys’ education, we provide an exciting learning environment lead by experienced teachers who appreciate the boys’ energy, humour, unpredictability and imagination.
The curriculum at Nudgee Junior is rich, balanced and engaging. We unashamedly encourage all students to strive for individual academic excellence. In a blend of traditional and contemporary pedagogies, this is achieved through a focus on learning experiences that allow all students to experience success at their own level. Cultural dimensions such as music, drama, art and dance are emphasised and celebrated as an integral element of a holistic education. Similarly sport and physical activity are seen as intrinsic parts of both a child’s physical development and his development of values such as co-operation, teamwork and self-discipline.
The pastoral care of students permeates all aspects of Nudgee Junior life. Our pastoral care framework strives to provide students with security and understanding and ensures that each boy at Nudgee Junior feels valued and valuable. In working with students across the curriculum, they are encouraged to develop self-discipline and a commitment to work and co-operate as a member of a caring Christian community.
Nudgee Junior is an exciting community that wants to make a difference in our society by helping to develop young men with a genuine desire to make the world a better place to live in. Our school is a place of learning and growing. If your son is a young man ready to conquer the world, then Nudgee Junior just might be the school to open the door to a whole new world of exciting opportunities.
Please peruse our website and should you wish to get more information or visit the school at anytime please contact us.
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